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AIS Injury Scaling: Uses and Techniques
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Who Should Attend

The course is designed for trauma nurses/ coordinators, registrars, physicians, hospital records personnel and researchers or engineers who are responsible for injury databases. (Participants should have general knowledge of anatomy). Future online courses will be announced as they develop. Visit our website often.

Recommended knowledge base for AIS Course (online or 2-day classroom)
These recommendations are to ensure your success in completion of the Injury Scaling Course and will provide you with a solid basis from which to build your AIS coding understanding.
1. 3-6 months of experience in working with a trauma or coding registry.
2. Basic anatomy course or equivalency.
3. Basic medical terminology course or equivalency.

If you enroll in the online course, in addition to the actual course work online, students can spend anywhere from 2-6 hours per week on homework. There are also deadlines for homework assignments which are due a minimum of 24 hours prior to each live classroom session.

The student should also have some knowledge of how to maneuver through an independent learning program on the internet.

It is important that you are aware of these requirements prior to signing up for the online course for successful course participation and completion.

Trying to Decide Between an Online Course and a Classroom Course?

In Person Courses
Online coursework is well-suited for self-directed students successful at studying alone. Learning is integrated over a month with 3-4 hours per week of faculty interaction via an on-line classroom.This option avoids the time and cost of travel. Previous students report spending an additional 2-4 hours per week (depending on the participant 's clinical knowledge) doing coursework. Click here to download the online course dates and times.

In Person Courses
Sign up for our In Person Classroom course! See available courses at the bottom of the listing below.

The classroom option works best for those who prefer the more traditional setting. Over 2 days, students will learn in a fast paced, instructor-driven environment with plenty of peer interaction Classroom course works well for students who are successful integrating new content and demonstrating skills quickly. Click here to download the classroom course syllabus with hotel information. These courses are taught in various locations around the world. Please contact us if you would like to arrange for a course to be taught at your facility. A minimum of 30 students is required.

Shipping and Handling

Participants from outside North America may incur additional shipping and handling fees for course materials. Please email the AAAM for shipping estimate.

Pay by Company Check or Credit Card

Click here to download a course registration form and mail in your tuition payment with a company check or credit card number.

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If there are less than 15 registrants for online courses, the course will be cancelled and you will be rescheduled for another online course.

Courses that are full will not be displayed.
The courses listed below are AIS 2005 UPDATE 2008.

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Chicago, IL

October 18-19, 2016
Atlanta, GA

November 10-11, 2016
Orlando, FL (Course in conjunction with TQIP Annual Meeting. Register through TQIP.)

November 3-4,2016

Course Participant Information

Cancellation Policy

AAAM does not issue refunds for cancellations due to the high demand for course entry. In the rare cases of exceptional circumstances, AAAM does reserves the right to cancel any course, in which case refunds will be issued. It is strongly recommended that registrations are received 30 days prior to the start of the course as there is pre-course work to be completed.

Transferring Registrations

Registrations may be transferred to another person or to another AIS course (either online or in-person) no later than 30 days prior to the start of a course. If a registration transfer occurs after those 30 days, a $25 transfer processing fee will be added.

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